There are two traits that children must have to become proficient in most sports: speed and balance. Gymnastics is one of the best activities for developing balance.

Replace the backpacks with balance beams!

The summer program is designed for recreational gymnasts to provide a fun and athletic option over summer vacation.

Why have your son or daughter’s summer break be ruined by endless days of boredom when they can explore their natural talents while making friends? Summer can be a powerful time period for your child to advance their work ethic skills.

Gymnastics is the perfect athletic alternative to the days wasted eating “junk” food and watching TV. Even if they’re not a serious gymnast, the general athletic skills fine-tuned by gymnastics can be applied to other sports when school starts up again.

Combat summer loneliness with gymnastics as well. With the summer program, your son or daughter will be surrounded by other children their age with similar interests. Bonds are sure to be forged as all participants work towards a common goal!