Cultural Trivia

Welcome to our Clinton Turner Cultural Trivia page!  Our Cultural Committee Chairperson, Bill Oakley, has interesting information and facts (past and present) about our Turner club, history and events. He will use this area to share this knowledge through “fun” trivia questions which can earn you a prize!

Cultural Photo Trivia Contest

The first correct entry received will win a “chip” for a bar beverage!

Contest #2 Question:  After the club burned down, the time capsule was found. Who (more or less) is our current member that would have the job of going through the time capsule today?

Entries can be emailed to: or write your guess on a piece of paper, with your name and current date and give it to the club manager!

Good Luck!  

Contest #1: Still no winner from this contest! Here's a hint: The answer is not about the photo, but has to do with the format that the article is written in.

Question:  Why wouldn’t this picture appear this way in print today?

Instructions:   Be sure to click on the photo to view the entire photo and its caption.

Entries can be emailed to:

Good Luck!